Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rotten Coffee!!

So I decided to change from travel hub or whatever it was to blogspot... why you ask.. it´s simple really it´s all about navigation i mean when you think about it we are always more inclined to utilize thing when they are simpler to navigate.... take for instance the iphone... so simple so easy it´s like a warm shower ahhhhhhh....

okay okay enough about thoe small extravagants....

i´m warning now that this keyboard i am using is quite tempermental. lucky for me when i travel the first thing i pack is my patience!

so i arrived in guatamala city on the 15th right when i landed i had to go to the brizillian consulate in guatamala to get my visa cause i was unable to get it in los angeles. the wretched woman... thats a whole other blog... anyway after i dropped it off which was scary in it´s own way cause ummm im in a far off country with no pssport i headed to antigua.

antigua-cobblestone streets, stray dogs running everywhere, a maze really it felt like. there re no street signs and no lights. it has a very quaint feeling to it though which was warm feeling. i walked thru the market and that was quite an adventure. people are elling everything you can image. young girls working with their moms wearing their indegionus dress. it was amazing... i got some blackberries (mora) and was soooo excited i got a pound for like 50 cents and if you know me at all you kow blackberries are an immense weaknes for me.

the next day i headed to panajanchel.

nothing much to report about tht place it was like any other town that survives off tourism it´s a small town on the lake of atitlan. there are small towns all around the lake all with a varience of their own culture. the local language is qiche. (sp) i had dinner in this small restruant one night and i was looking at the street below this other restruant was playing music and these two little kids were getting down...i wish i had video camera. it was stellar!

the next day i ventured to San Pedro across the lake. I loved this town immediately. the people were all very kind and everyone seemed to be a bit slower packed then the last two towns i had been in. on the 3rd day there or maybe the 2nd i decided to hike the volcano. Nico and I did it and let me tell you it was intense. its 3300 meters straight up and i walked to the base of it which is an extra 3 km. there were no switchbacks it was a straight uphill climb. Nico was off i was a bit slow because my bum leg was giving me problems but when i got to the top i was in heaven!!! it was so beutiful up there! it was chilly we were so far up above the clouds!! i didn´t bring enough snacks i didnt think it was going to be as tough as it was!!! man...

the last day i got a little ill and headed back to antigua. i was going to venture to lanquin the next day but couldnt cause of my stomach.... good thinng i waited...

i m not in lanquin it´s beatiful here. i am going to head to the caves and the waterfalls tomorrow if it looks a bit more sunny.

i have a ton more to write but at least now you are all updated!!

oh and rotten coffee. in san pedro there was this coffee processing area and it smelled like rotten coffee at first i thought it was repulisive then after a few days i began to really enjoy it!


oh the things we take with us!

hasta luego

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  1. Raquel has been to Antigua. We actually have a painting of one of the streets there that used to hang in our living room. Eventually I will make it down there too if I can get a job after law school. Did you see any of the ruinas?