Monday, January 26, 2009

Semuc Champey

Since the last blog was very general and not very natasha-esque in her writing I decided to take this hour of downtime before dinner to give a few details about the day i had.

I woke up a bit crabby i think it´s mostly because i got bit by something massive and it seriously is the size of a quarter hard as a golf ball and as red as the ripest tomato you have ever seen!!! but then i remembered i am traveling and perhaps i should sleep with bug spray on... yes okay then it is noted and now in my mental rolladex!!!

again may i remind you i am typing quite fast cause i have people over my shoulder waiting and this keyboard is a bit moody so there will be typos.... i am not going to re-read and correct so i guess just adapt please!! gracias :)

okay so once i got going and got a bowl of cornflakes with banana i was a pretty happy girl. we gathered up and took this pickup truck where you all stand in the back down about 9km. through the most luscious green hills. there was a mist hanging in the sky when i woke up probably added to the crabby mood just a smidge... but as we were driving down the haze began to lift.... the most majestic of blue skies came peering through the green canopys....

our first stop was the caves of lanquin. miles and miles of dark caves some parts were pretty deep with water and you have to swim... by the way my head lamp kicks some major ass!!!the rocks were formed so intricate and beautiful... i was in awe but i had to keep up with the guide so i didn´t get as much time to stare and appreciate as i would have liked to.

okay on to the next thing.... ummm i forgot my camera..... what an idiot!!! we walked up it could have very well been 2000 stairs carved out of stone the ground was wet and slippery the mud was so visceral. of course i had my awesome hippie sandals.... disregarding how they might look... asthetic shamthetic who cares they rocked the rocks and slimey goodness of the mud. no wrestling matches in those things cause i´d kick some major booootay!

once i got to the top and looked upon the beauty that was before my eyes i was stunned.... besides it being so absolutley beautiful it reminded me so much of when i was in jujuygoh (?) in china....

okay so as i was typing this the internet went dead.... i actually wrote quite a bit more with the ending being all portic and crap but then as i was going to save it to the desktop the whole computer just shut down.... i hate pc´s!!!


okay okay i´ll write more later!



  1. I am excited for you and scared at the same time. I feel like learning Spanish now because you are going to be s fluent when you get back.

  2. "Cool" is M.L., forgot that was my account name.