Wednesday, February 18, 2009


i havent written in a few days. its been quite hectic to tell you the truth. i was in a bus for who knows how many hours arrived in costa rica for one night headed to the airport to fly to peru to catch my connecting flight to brazil... i am not sure what it is about me and the airlines but i seem to always have some issue. usually not due to anything on my part simply because i know i have issues so i am never tardy to the airport. NEVER..... anyway to make the long story short i got bumped off my connecting flight to rio cause they over booked it and i had to stay one night in lima. and pay the 30 bucks airport tax for one night. ugh soooo lima isnt exactly a place you want to be stuck at bu8t i made the best of it. it was valentines day and i am not a subscriber to this capitalistic notion for a holiday but i will say that sometimes its not the getting flowers and chocolate but just knowing you are loved and in a familiar place is nice. anyway i went and saw valkerie (sp?) the tom cruise film about the soldier who tried to assinate hitler. nice valentines film ey?? hahahaha i thought it was all warm and fuzzy even bought myself some popcorn and ate it all american style before the movie even begins! okay okay so i didnt but it was 1/2 gone.

moving on. i take a red eye to peru. i dont sleep i get to the hostel and they put me in a dorm that has 12 beds and 9 of them are occupied with boys. not just regular boys but 9 stinky traveling maybe havent showered in a few weeks perhaps ran out of soap and havent purchaced any since boys. i could hardly stand the smell actually i couldnt. there wasnt a single girl in there and i am not the type to request to move but the stentch was so unbareable i had to switch. i ended up rooming with some really cool people and spent some time with them. we all went to dinner 7 girls and 1 boy. this girl barbaras boyfriend what a trooper he was.

my two best friends came in yesterday! i cannot tell you how absolutely elated i was to see both of their faces. its like snow on christmas morning with a cup of hot coco waiting fot you on the table. :)

we are in rio now and will embark on a few wonderful adventures.

the air posseses this warmth. its hard to explain its warm in tempurture yes but there is something greater some energy that travels thru this place. i really love it so far.

i wish i had more time for descriptions but i am in an internet cafe that charges $1 real for 10 mins!

i promise to send some of my thoughts soon.

warmest smiles from across the equator.


  1. Happy Valentines Day cutie, miss you!

  2. Yay!!!!!!!

    you made it! Tell Candace I say HI!!!!!

    Te amo te amo te amo!!!