Saturday, February 28, 2009

this is an overdue post... there is so much that i want to write about, so many things i want to share... i wish i could upload my pictures and be able to at least give some of my words an accurate illustration. i am not sure that i will be able to do some of the things i have seen justice by the words i will spash across this screen.

lets start with rio. i know i slightly touched upon what rio might be like but let me go into more detail here. i arrived a few days before canival started. i got in a day before my two best friends. my long time partner in crime candice without her i dont think i would have survived some of the circumstances life has handed me, and erin my kindred spirt her soul lifts me up in a way that is hard to express. we have a very close and special relationship and i cannot begin to say how fortunate i am for these two women in my life. their beauty touches so many and i am just one of these lucky individuals who has been blessed to have crossed paths with them when i did.

rio.... a magnificent city. it has an energy that surges almost like new york city but with a more relaxed undertone. there are sucos on almost every corner of the busy streets which are these juice places that have acai and at least 100 other different kinds of juice and fruit. there are mangos, pineapples, kiwis, melons of everykind all over the place on display i suppose showing just how fresh the juice really is. we stayed in copacabana beach but headed to ipanema to go to the beach. when i was there alone i stayed at a hostel in ipanema and fell in love with the beach there. the water was warm but not too warm where it feels like bathwater it was perfect cool and refreshing. the beaches were crowded with tons of people. women of all sizes sporting their itty bitty bikinis. i decided to sport the one i brough one day but then went back to the ´coffee filter bottoms` as one brazillian told me they call them! hahahahaha between the buildings in the distance you could see the huge christo statue on the hill. (we went to visit it and i will describe this in a bit) to the right of the beach was the most beautiful hill called something like los dois manos or something like that.... i cant rememeber exactly especially how is is pronounced... one day we did decide to go to the beach in copacabana and you would not believe the difference... the water was green there was a slight stentch of fish in the air and we decided to stick with the OG plan and take the bus to ipanema the next day.

in copacabana the boardwalk which is across the street from the beach is filled with hotels big large fancy pants hotels. if you walk away from the beach two streets in its lined with shops and food places. the food. so brazillians love their bread in many of the juice places are these cases that look like bakery cases filled with all these bready items. many of them filled with cheese and seems as if the brazillians are really super keen on their pigglets. many of the individuals that we had met along the way were locals. for some reason we kept meeting locals most of whom did not speak enligh but with our spanish and hand gestures we seemed to have communicated wonderfully!

lapa... was insane. i dont even know how to descibe it.... when we were in salvador it was a different kind of insane cause you have blocos

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