Saturday, February 28, 2009

read post below first....!

i had to save the post just below this one cause i had to get out of the internet cafe and go to the travel agents office to try and book a flight to manaus. anyway i will get to that later point is i saved it in drafts and it wouldnt let me edit it. so instead of being one long post its broken up and backwards... suiting i suppose. hahahaha

where was i??

describing Lapa....or at least trying to. All of rio has something about it. something special something that surges but lapa has an intensity unlike any other. i was there one night before carnival and then a few nights during carnival. we took a cab in and the entrance to lapa are these huge concrete arches that basically is the trademark of lapa or so it seemed. there was a band playing in the center 3 different drum sets and a few other instruments.... i couldnt see very well cause i am short but it was so loud and exuberating. moments after we were all swarming the streets kinda like a conga line and they were singing so loud everyone was singing....these moments i regret not being able to understand everything...

the next night somehow the girls and i ended up on the one gay street in ipanema the ´gay carnival´of course i ended up there. i love all my gay boyfriends!!! it was crazy but aweosme cause we didnt get acosted like we had the night before. the men can be very very grabby once you swat them away they are respectful but they do not hesitate to ask for beshe aka kisses. ummm no thanks. you see people making out everywhere and it all just looked like a sloppy mess. even the hot gay boys. ah well. we ended up with this really loud fun group and took the bus to lapa from ipanema. the bus was crowded and took quite a long time to get to where we needed to go but that was the best bus ride ever!!! they were all singing and it seemed that every brazillian knew the words to every song they sang. there was feet stamping and people pounding the ceiling of the bus like it was a bass drum. even the snotty people who didnt join in will always remember that bus ride. the loud drunk group who would not shut up. the girls and i tried to think of a song we all knew but we failed miserably and couldnt think then all of the sudden the brazillians there was one who spoke very good english and a few others who were mas o menos. annnnyway they started singing calllifoniaa tupac. it was hysterical.

moving on. we had a few really late fun nights and a rough travel day to the airport on sunday to gear up for that last part of carnival including FAT tuesday in salvador. we were only half way through the partying madness and it felt like we had run through the spin cycle twice. at least.

our hotel was in the pelurhino. the upper part of the city with colonial buildings none of which are more then 2 stories. cobblestone streets some of which were very hilly similar to san francisco.

i have to go they are shutting down the cafe....

more on salvador in a bit!

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